Sex on the Island – Qingdao, China


To play or not to play! That is the question floating around Qingdao.

The Chinese words Qing and Dao can have numerous meanings. A few years ago myself and my friend created our own interpretation based on actual Chinese to make the English name ‘Pleasure Island’. It’s safe to say that Qingdao is a pleasurable place in more ways than one.


Whether you’re male or female, young or old, student or teacher, gay or straight, Chinese or foreign, your options are endless. The pleasure island is the only jungle that doesn’t have rules. Today you’re the predator, tomorrow you’re the prey.

I was raised in a very open-minded household so the topic of sex was commonly discussed, especially with my mum. Moving to China and adopting an expat family has been no different, and the topic of sex is by far the most common. You won’t hear any complaints from me!

Of course a large number of the female community here in Qingdao are not so open about sex but trust me it doesn’t mean they are not having any. As they say “The quiet ones are usually the worst”, and this holds true in my experience.


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In terms of the male community, I can say with confidence that most can be split into two simple categories: the ones who want to settle down with the locals or the ones who want to plough anything that moves. The latter is frowned upon by the female community but I say “each to their own”. And who is to say that women can’t also have sex with anything that moves, girl power right!


China is known for not being on board with homosexuality but it is loosely accepted in Qingdao, maybe due to the large number of expats including a variety of sexualities. I can’t personally vouch for this particular community but a number of my friends have told me it’s not so difficult to have sex or date here.


Ninja Diversity

A friend of mine who is below the average height for a male has become known for his fetish of strangely tall women especially ones who couple that with high heels. Something tells me he liked climbing trees as a kid. Recently he seems to have added a second strand of fetish and now has taken a liking to women who are a good 20+ years older than him.

The Cock-blocker & Cock-tamer

My good friend from Ireland is known as the cock-blocker. As she is gay and most of her female friends are straight, she takes it upon herself to have our backs and the guys here have not only noticed but started to make comments. I think it’s hilarious as some of the guys here have it too easy. The cock-tamer. This is a term we use for girls who take players out of the game and turn them into to loyal, committed men. This can both please and anger the female community depending on who is the cock-tamer and who they tamed.

Sex-capades gone wrong

It doesn’t matter how confident or good-looking you are, respect goes a long way. A small number of the male expats have little to no respect for women but don’t worry we know who they are. One particular guy who only chases the drunk girls in bars has been named and shamed and better yet, he knows it. He is a good-looking, confident guy but just needs to man up and chase a sober girl once in a while. Plus I doubt he has even bought a girl a drink before.

Eskimo brothers/sisters

Living in a tight nit expat community the likelihood that you have shared a sexual partner is almost a guarantee. This isn’t to say that everyone is just sleeping with everyone all the time but it does mean that a lot of people share similar tastes in sexual partners. If you are out here just to have single fun then you don’t need to give this a second thought but if you want to be in a committed relationship, be prepared for people coming out of the woodworks to tell you what they know about your new partners sexual past.

On the prowl, on the pull

On any given night, the bar scene is diverse from cheap and cheerful to pricey and classy. After spending two years here I have figured out which groups tend to go where and this reflects on the sexual hook-ups and relationships. This doesn’t necessarily depend on age as most of us follow the saying “age is just a number” which basically means anything goes.  If you want to just drink yourself silly and take home a random person you can try your “look” at: Angelinas, Loft and LPG on certain nights or if you want a bit more than a hook-up check out: Venue, QBar and The Westin. Of course this is no guarantee and I can’t speak for everyone here. I am just going off my observation and experiences.



Too good to be true!

“If something seems too good to be true, it probably is”. When you meet that person who just comes across as perfect, do not get your hopes up too high as soon enough their true colours will be revealed and you will be left disappointed. Be true to yourself!

Huangdao boys

Huangdao is a district of Qingdao filled with International students. Most of these students are from different places in Africa which makes them obvious prey for the white girls. Take a look around and you will see for yourself. There is some known rivalry between the Huangdao boys and the Qingdao men which is funny as they mostly come from the same part of the world.

Fresh meat on the street

The victims of Qingdao are the newcomers who tend to get caught in the crossfire. On arrival you should decide whether you are going to be the predator or the prey. To survive your early weeks on the ‘Pleasure Island’ you need to have a strong backbone and self-esteem.

Whether you’re looking for fun, love or something in the middle Qingdao, or my personal name ‘Pleasure Island’ is the place for you. But remember, people talk!



16 thoughts on “Sex on the Island – Qingdao, China”

  1. Girl I’ve enjoyed this article,I didn’t want it to end .everything you wrote about the “pleasure island” is unbelievably true.i’ve been here for two years but I wouldn’t want to go to another city,Qingdao is the place to be.

  2. Girl I’ve enjoyed this article,I didn’t want it to end .everything you wrote about the “pleasure island” is unbelievably true.i’ve been here for two years but I wouldn’t want to go to another city,Qingdao is the place to be.keep up with the good work

  3. Thanks for your post.

    I am Chinese guy living in Qingdao,I got your link from facebook group of Foreigners Qingdao.

    Your article is deeply appreciated,I will try to hook up with western girls though it is a bit hard for Chinese male.Haha!

    Anyway,Thanks,My girl!

  4. It is really perfect article ,i have been living here for three years and i found my self in some part of the article,and in another parts i found my friends’ stories.Really so good,i enjoyed a lot.

  5. I haven’t realised my hometown is actually a ” pleasure island “, even though I was born here. Probably it’s because I haven’t tried to hoop up with some one in a bar in this “island “. But I really enjoy reading your article and share your opinion about the “island. Also I really enjoy to learn your stories in the workshop.

    1. My article was not an advice column haha. It was just an article about my observations. I have not been to RiZhao so I have no comment about it, sorry.

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