Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour

I had heard about this tour through a fellow traveller I met in China. She had visited the Philippines several times so her suggestions were pretty perfect.

So once we were checked into our accommodation, we asked about the possible tour days and got booked in for the following day. We paid upfront, as is usually required. Due to high demand, the options were limited.

Note: 2000 pesos p/p including transport and buffet lunch (transport includes motor boat and paddle boat also)

Getting there is quite a performance if I am being totally honest. Lot’s of waiting around and transfers from one boat to another. Even though it’s a day tour, really it’s more of a half day tour by the time you actually get there. I have to admit, all that messing around was actually worth it.

The river tour was amazing! Our guide was hilarious and kept everyones spirits up the entire time with jokes and his singing voice. I distinctly remember him singing the theme tune to Titanic as the headset focused our attention on a rock resembling Jack and Rose at the front of the ship (you have to remember this from the movie, it’s iconic). To make this experience even better, the group we were on the tour with were really nice and overall it was a great day out. 

The views alone were breathtaking and I am very happy I got to see them.

What seemed like a long time later, we were back at the hotel just in time for an evening swim and a sizzling hot plate dinner. Oh and a San Miguel as well….of course. 

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