Pamuayah Waterfalls & The Tricycle of Death

Several days after arriving at Port Barton, we decided to venture to the waterfalls. We found a tricycle guy close to where we were staying who agreed to take us. After negotiating the return price, we were on our way!

The 3-wheeled death trap!

Because of the constant rain over the previous few days, the already bumpy, uneven road (more like a dirt path) had become beyond slippery and our poor driver had his work cut out for him. A couple of times we had to go on-foot to allow him easier passage through some tough spots. Even on-foot was fairly challenging. At one point his back wheel got stuck. At another time we hit a rock and literally bounced right out. 

Once we hit the stream, it was on foot only. The driver told us which direction to walk and that he would be there waiting for us. Lots of wading through knee-high ice-cold water was refreshing but again slippery as hell. 

An adventurous fifteen-minute trek later, we arrived at the falls. It’s safe to say that the terrifying tricycle journey was well worth it. WOW! We ended us having the place to ourselves…how romantic. The water was so cold but still, we got in and enjoyed our private waterfall. 

The journey back was just as daunting as the journey going but we had adjusted slightly to the fear of death by tricycle. Plus the journey seemed shorter on the way back. Getting back to our accommodation meant shower, delicious food and chilling on the hammock. 

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