Island Hop your way to Paradise

You can’t visit El Nino without doing an Island Hopping Tour. But how do you choose which tour? Most offer A, B, C or D options and the odd combination. Due to recommendations, we opted for Tour C. We chose the right one!

Note: 1400 pesos pp + 200 pesos for the environmental fee. Includes: tricycle to the port, kayak to main boat, boat tour for the day, drinking water with lunch, life jackets and snorkelling gear, tour guide, captain and cook. (You are dropped back off at the port and it's up to you to get back to your accommodation)

The day started with fairly heavy rainfall and a gloomy (storm approaching) looking sky. It didn’t stop us jumping into the sea and walking along the beach. 

Luckily within an hour the sun blessed us with it’s presence, making the remainder (and majority) of the tour simply stunning. You’re taken to several locations on the tour and each one is more spectacular than the last. 


  1. Invest in a waterproof bag and phone case if you intend to take your phone & any other valuables
  2. Wear your bathing suit the entire time – trust me you will need it even getting onto the boat
  3. Take a towel and or change of clothing for the journey back – it will feel cold and windy on the boat
  4. Have some small change on you for a tip if you decide to give one and to get yourself back to your accommodation from the port
  5. Sunscreen is an obvious tip but many forget and get seriously burnt. There’s nowhere to hide and on the way back you will really start to feel it

Get yourself on an Island Hopping Tour!

You won’t regret it (even if it rains haha)

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