World Heritage & Charming Lisbon Coast

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Coolest vintage car ever! And it’s blue! It lasted the first hour before breaking down. The tour guide (Tiago) called a taxi and we continued with our day. Although we had that hour delay with the car trouble, it was a blessing in disguise because we didn’t have to spend time looking for parking spaces the rest of the day. The taxi driver became our driver for the day making things run smoothly.

Group of 5 plus our lovely guide. We all got on immediately and decided to stick together and I am so glad being the only solo traveller in the group. They really made my day special!

Palacio Nacional da Pena (Pena Palace)

Breathtaking! Colourful! Vibrant! Majestic! Historical!

This was our first stop and by far the most spectacular! It was originally a Monastery and later in the 19th Century converted into a Museum.

Grounds Tickets were €7.5 per person and so worth it. In fact, it would have been worth it it for double or triple the price. As a group, we opted not to go inside the palace because of the long lines, extra coast and wasting daylight.

Make sure you make the effort to walk up to the High Cross point for a full view of the Palace (a decent camera with a good zoom is quite necessary for a great picture – plus you may need to climb up onto some rocks to take it).

We briefly stopped at two other grand buildings. Although not as spectacular as Pena Palace, they were beautiful in their own unique way.

Sintra Town

Absolutely adorable place with its cute little streets, vintage looking restaurants, and grand modern architecture. It was here where we stopped for lunch and a local snack known as the Sintra Pillow. It’s a pastry with a very sweet filling. Very delicious!

Whilst at lunch myself and another group member treated ourselves to a beer and an Irish coffee to cool down and energise. Don’t judge…you know you would do the same haha.

Note: The guide ordered and paid for the pastry snacks as part of the tour price and also for a coffee per person (he paid for our beers instead as the Irish coffees were not part of the deal). 

Next stop was at the Fishermans Village which is famous because the president is known to swim/bath there in the early hours of the day before the rest of village wake up. A lovely view with the sun in the sky and the boats dotted across the water.

Note: By this point a few of us were quite sunburnt (hottest day of the year so far), me especially on the shoulders and chest so it was a quick  stop. 

Cabo Do Roca

It’s Coast Time! We stopped at Cabo Do Roca which is the most Western part of Europe. It was here that a Chinese tour group took a shine to me after realising I could understand Mandarin. It was nice to feel connected to China again as it was my home for 8 years. And it’s also good to know I haven’t forgotten everything.

It was here where we got to see some incredible views. Just blue as far as the eye can see kinda views. Lisbon Coast is definitely something to see!

Hell Mouth

Any Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans out there? When the guide said Hell Mouth I immediately went back to my youth watching Buffy. No vampires to be seen – just joking! It is a place of interest and a beautiful view. Also kinda scary to think about the drop down!

After a much needed ice cream cone, we were on the road again heading to our last stop of the day. We stopped at a lovely spot with a view of the beach and the ocean and also where the guide opened up a bottle of Portugals finest Port. And to add to the amazing moment, he pulled out more local pastries but this time a different one from before.

What an amazing day! What amazing people! Way too hot for me but oh so beautiful!


If you would like to do this tour, you will find it via the AirBnB website under the name given at the top. Be sure to prepare the appropriate footwear, sunscreen and a hat. Of course you will want to take a camera with a more than decent zoom on it to capture those perfect shots. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Note from Siobhan

I travel blog because I love it. It is my hobby and I spend a lot of my free time preparing the pictures and information for your convenience. I will receive NO money for promoting this tour. Any donations are welcome to help maintain the upkeep of this website. Thank you and Enjoy!

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