Monuments of Seville

Free Walking Tour – 2 hours – Small Group

Plaza de Espana

Breathtaking place both inside and out. I really enjoyed the layout. You will notice that it is semi-circular which symbolises a hug (which is aimed at America) and the water that runs through the site symbolises the ocean which separates Europe from America.

Coolest benches ever are dotted around the the semi-circular structure, each representing a different region of Spain. I chose to snap a quick pic of myself sitting on the Barcelona bench (almost burnt my bottom it was that hot haha).

Hotel Alfonso XIII

I did not stay at this hotel for a number of reasons such as: I had never heard of it before plus I would never spend that much money on accommodation (probably couldn’t afford it anyway). It is a lovely place though and you can go in a have a look around or stop at the bar/restaurant for a reasonably priced coffee.

Tobacco Factory – Seville University

The guide told us a good story about this place. When it was a tobacco factory the workforce were all gypsy women as they have smaller hands plus cheap labour. This led to a story about the Flamenco skirts. Did you know the reason for all the ruffles? Well it was so the women could smuggle out products in order to sell them outside for a profit. Just outside of the building are two other smaller buildings. One of which was used as a church which was built when the women made excuses about wanting to pray but really they just wanted a break from the severe work hours and conditions. On the other side there was a small prison which was used when the women workers were caught smuggling out tobacco.

World Heritage Site

Architecturally diverse due to the many add ons over the years from various religious individuals. Inside you will see a gothic style, comparatively different to the outside which is a mix of Catholic, Muslim and Gothic design. Very cool looking building! You can buy a ticket and walk up to the very top. Interesting fact: there are no steps, its all ramps because horses used to go and down there…somehow. And as you go up it becomes more and more narrow so how the heck did those horses turn up there and with a man riding it?! The mind baffles!

Metropol Parasol

Largest wooden structure in the world (I think that’s what the guide said). Locals actually don’t like it but tourists like to go see it. It’s an odd looking thing but it offers shade which I fully appreciate. If you’re nearby it’s worth a couple of minutes.

Note to solo travellers

I use a Fujifilm XT-2O with tripod.

If you do not have a good grasp of the Spanish language, Seville can feel quite lonely so book yourself on some free or paid tours and learn as much as you can. The city is full of intrigue, the architecture is jaw dropping, the food is on another level and all in all, it’s a must see place in Spain. If I was to go back, I would learn some Spanish so I could immerse myself into the local culture.

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