Gelmerbahn Funicular – Switzerland

You get to watch as you gradually incline and the view becomes more and more breathtaking.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the videos on Facebook. Something you may not know is that those videos have been sped up. The actual speed of the Gelmerbahn Funicular is pretty glacial but that’s what you want so you can really enjoy the gradually breathtaking view. From start to finish the views are out of this world.

Something I didn’t expect was how steep it was (106 degree incline) especially considering that you’re not secured by anything more than a metal pull down bar. It’s quite scary to look down but you do feel secure. I think the excitement takes over and you just feel happy to be experiencing it.

Note the metal bar – this is your “seatbelt”

As I was staying in Bern and had previously bought the Regional Swiss Pass, my transport to the funicular was included. The Funicular itself was not included. I had to buy those tickets in advance online. You can just chance it and try to buy on the day from the station but it seems to be booked up almost every time. I chose to buy a return ticket (£27) so I could use my time exploring at the top. I definitely made the right choice. The view at the top and the hiking trails are spectacular.

What to expect at the Top

A ridiculous view! The clearest water I’ve ever seen! Postcard quality images! Wow factor moments! Get your tripod ready….say cheese!

Fujifilm XT20 and Tripod – Can’t go to places like this without the right gear!
Look at that water! I had a cheeky dip and although it was cold, it felt so clean and inviting.

Getting There

From Bern Bahnhof you take the train to Handegg Gelmerbahn (Pay attention to the direction and any changes). From Handegg Station you need to cross the road and hop on the 161 bus which will take you directly to the base of the Gelmerbahn.

To buy all transportation tickets in Switzerland, use the SBB mobile app or the link below. You can organise your trips and check timetables easily via the app.

There are two ways to reach the Gelmerbahn starting point. Both are walking routes only. One route takes 5 minutes and is across the road from where the 161 bus will drop you. The second route is on the same side as the drop off point but is a 10-15 minute walk and includes crossing a Suspension Bridge. Regardless of which route you take, once you arrive you can still see and access the suspension bridge. It’s definitely worth crossing for both the view and the fun factor.

Selfie with a mirrorless camera isn’t easy but I managed. Positive Vibes Only in Switzerland!

Returning from your Gelmerbahn Funicular experience, you can take either the 161 or 171 bus back to Handegg Station and from there proceed via train to your destination. It may be worth checking the bus times in advance as I had to wait almost an hour for mine.

Use the link below to buy your tickets for the Funicular. Single and Return tickets are available. You will have to stick to the time you choose. I would advise giving yourself 1-2 hours at the top if you choose the return option. Of course, if you only buy a single ticket, you can take your time and explore more or just walk back down.

I really hope you enjoy your experience on the Gelmerbahn Funicular and please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me via my Instagram or Facebook Page.

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