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Prague was an unexpected part of my trip and possibly one of my favourite places yet. It has everything! You have the town bustling with people and restaurants and horse drawn carriages but if you venture 40+ minutes out of Prague you are surrounded by nature and quaint towns just waiting to be seen. If like me, you love architecture, Prague (Czech Republic) has plenty to offer. You can see Prague in a couple of days but try to allow yourself an extra day or two to get back to nature. You won’t be disappointed.

Prague Castle

Feel free to roam the grounds but you must pay to enter (I did not). Honestly I have seen so many castles whilst traveling around Europe and I prefer the exterior view anyway. Myself and my friend really wanted to monopolise the view so we headed up to a rooftop cafe for an iced coffee. The view was more than worth the cost of the coffee (100CZK).

St Charles Bridge

Sorry about the sportswear – was heading out for a hike

Best to visit the bridge in the wee hours of the morning to avoid the crowds of people taking incessant selfies (I have to admit I took a few myself oops). I was lucky enough to be there on the evening of the solstice so of course it was jam packed with people but there were street performers, beer and the sunset. Not to bad eh!

Old Town Square

A great place for a pricey meal and a drink. If you wander just minutes out of the square you will find some local pubs with brewed beer at cheaper prices. People gather around the clock tower just before the hour to watch and listen. If that’s not enough, marvel at all the stunning architecture dotted around the area or pet the horses (Don’t take a horse and carriage ride though – those poor animals are already worked too hard).

Karlstejn Castle & Nature Trail

After a couple of days in town, myself and my friend were in need of some nature so we set off on a self-organised day trip. What could go wrong right?! HAHA

Firstly, we set off for the castle and again just stuck to the grounds. It’s located in a lovely area just outside of Prague so check your public transportation tickets because once you leave a certain zone you need to buy a specific ticket for further areas. The castle is of course, stunning and the area is smack bang in nature dotted with lots of lovely restaurants and souvenir shops.

From the castle we embarked on a little trek to god only knows where. We got lost a couple of times but it was all beautiful and green so no complaints here. There are a few trails you can follow so do your research before going and make sure you can read a map because GoogleMaps is a bit iffy out there. One thing to remember, carry cash because most places out there don’t accept card as payment and I didn’t see a single ATM.


Just the building alone has the WOW factor. The interior decor around the lobby is extremely grand in gold and red. Honestly, the museum wasn’t what I expected. It was a bit empty and the exhibitions were okay. Actually I bought a double ticket for the National Museum and the Celts Museum (building next door) for 260CZK and is open for 5 days. But you could opt to just visit the Celts Museum for 100CZK and personally I think it was far more interesting but hey that’s just me.

Donut cup

You MUST MUST MUST try a donut cup. My friend and I indulged in a chocolate one each and the sugar rush was real and so was the come down. You can buy them pretty much anywhere and the price range is only slight. Enjoy!

Prague has much more to offer than what I have highlighted but if you’re only there for 2-3 days I think this is enough to get a good taste of this amazing place!

Accommodation: AirBnB & Hostelone (Miru)

Click the link for your first AirBnB experience:

For privacy reasons I can not share information about the AirBnB but I can 100% share and recommend Hostelone. It was my first time staying at a Hostelone and now I wish I had known because it was amazing! Check out their locations:

Every day they offer experiences, an outing (free or with a fee depending on the trip), free vegetarian meal (or similar freebie) and guided drinking games with a fun nightly activity included. If you’re a solo traveller and want to make friends or just have fun, Hostelone is the place to be.

Hope you enjoy your stay at Hostelone Miru

Sunset in the park (a few minutes from the hostel)

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