[Sticky] Travel Broadens the Mind - does it?  


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16/11/2018 11:07 am  

Hey everyone!

Hope you're having a wonderful week wherever you are. Where are you in the world? Let me know!

I have been thinking about travel and if it truly broadens the mind. I think it most certainly does! But not for everyone. I have met numerous people who have become or remained quite closed minded after a long trip abroad. I mean travellers who go abroad but then search for their own culture, especially food. Or those who seek out their countries people and never reach out to the locals. 


When I travel, I want to experience that place as it is. I want to eat local food, talk to local people, learn about the place I am in. Travel has 100% broadened my mind and I intend to keep travelling and learning more about this world we live in. 


What about you?



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