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“Whether you’re a traveller, an expat or a business person, there is something for you. A collection of short stories with implied guidelines about my time living and working in China. All stories are based on my experiences and are open to interpretation. If you’re looking for a quick read full of true stories with comedic value then you just found it. For those who have experienced China, you will feel nostalgic for your own memories and for those considering a trip to China, you will gain plenty of useful tips for whats to come”

This kindle book is a piece of me and after years of deliberation, I finally had the courage to collect my experiences and share them with the world. I truly hope it brings you joy, truth and inspiration but more importantly I want it to open your mind to the beautiful reality that is China.

Travel with Siobhan

My name is Siobhan. I am a travel/photography/writer enthusiast. I discovered my passion whilst living and working in China. Since then I have travelled many countries and will continue to do so until I have seen and done everything my heart desires. Living is travelling, travelling is living!

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