How to get a ….. China Tourist Visa

China Tourist Visa

Do you want to visit China?

Have you been sifting through countless websites with no definitive answers?

Are you in need of some help?

Look no further! Help is here!


This short article will clear up any confusion regarding the 
China Tourist Visa (for Brits)
Some differences may arise for other nationalities


How long will my visa last? How long can I stay each visit?

Your visa will last TWO YEARS from the date you apply. You can stay up to NINETY DAYS per visit.


How much does the Tourist Visa cost?

If you submit and collect your Visa in person it will cost £150. It will cost significantly more if you apply via post.

Note: The number stated is from October 2018 
so prices could change in the future.

Which documents do I need?

Download the following documents:
  • Application Form
  • Customer Declaration
  • Payment Authorisation Form (If you intend to have your passport posted back to you)
Make copies of the following:
  • Passport Page (Picture & Data page)
  • Last Visa Issued (If you have been to China before)
  • Previous Passport if it contained your last China Visa


What if I am staying with a friend in China?

You will need the following:
  • Letter of Invitation from your friend – MUST be signed by that friend
  • Copy of his/her ID – Chinese ID for Chinese locals/Passport for Foreigners
  • Copy of Visa Page if your friend is a Foreigner (Resident Permit)


Note: If you're staying with a friend, you need his/her address. 
If you're staying in Hotels, you need Confirmation of Bookings.


What else do I need before making an appointment?

You will need the above documents plus the following:
  • Your Actual Passport – Your visa will be put inside and takes up a whole page
  • A recent Passport Photo (within 6 months) – Attach (glue) to completed Application Form
  • Copy: Flight Confirmation within 3 months of Application
  • Copy: Hotel bookings for entire trip

Note: Your old Passport if your last China Visa was inside it.

Do I need to book my flights before submitting my application?

YES!  You will need to book a return flight (or a separate outward flight) and print out a copy for the Visa office. If you are planning to stay in Hotels, make sure you book them before submitting your application. Copies of Hotel Bookings will be needed for the Visa Office.


Am I ready to submit my application?

Once you have prepared all the above, you can now book an appointment online. You will need to visit your local Visa Office. I applied for mine via the Manchester Office. Links are below.


Note: Print off your Appointment Reservation Form and take it with 
you when you submit your application.


Website Links (Manchester)

For Application Form download visit:


For Booking Appointment visit:


Good Luck with your Application.

See you in China!


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