Giraffe Centre – Nairobi, Kenya

The Giraffe CentreĀ 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get up close and personal with an adult giraffe or three? Well I no longer need to wonder thanks to the Giraffe Centre in Nairobi.
Useful Information for travellers
Located close to the downtown area
Price: Locals - 250KSH Foreigners - 1000KSH
Turn the shutter sound and flash off cameras and phones
Be prepared to feed a giraffe and even receive a kiss from one

On arrival and after paying your entrance fee, you are directed to the giraffes which are hungry, friendly giants who love the attention. Each giraffe has an English name and acknowledges you when called. The staff working there have plenty of food pellets ready to give you so you can feed the giraffe of your choice. The pellets are included with your entrance fee so no extra cost.

Note: Each giraffe consumes about 5kg of food per day.

You are only to feed the giraffe one pellet at a time. If you are so inclined you are shown how to feed the giraffe from your mouth resulting in a big sloppy kiss. My friend really enjoyed that part while I took pictures for her collection. I was more than happy feeding them the old fashioned why and pet them.

If you want to learn about giraffes, the staff are knowledgeable and eager to share information with you. You can also go indoors to read further information for yourself, take part in a fun puzzle or go to the shop and possibly buy some souvenirs.

Note: Any money made be visitors purchasing souvenirs goes directly back into the centre to maintain the land, look after the giraffes in the best possible way and of course pay the hardworking staff.
Myself and my friend ended up staying there for about two hours. We both happily bought some souvenirs.
Time and money well spent!